Atlanta News, Now

The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) has a long history as one of the Southeast’s most trusted news sources. To solidify that reputation among a younger, more digitally-inclined news audience, the paper set out to deepen reader engagement by rethinking its website,

The main goal was creating a digital news experience that left audiences feeling as if they “owned the moment” after interacting with it. Secondary was enhancing the site’s ad inventory options. Key to the strategy was making’s article pages, the first point of entry for many users, truly pop!’s new design centers around compelling visuals and functionality that encourages sharing. That experience is seamlessly carried over to the publisher’s mobile site where content is automatically optimized for phone and tablet screens.

The entire authoring experience is template based. Article pages, landing pages, ad inventory—all start with templates engineered to promote engagement.

The system produced such great results that’s parent company, Cox Newspaper, worked with IfThen to rollout similar programs with three other sites: the Austin American-Statesman’s; the West Palm Beach Post’s; and

Business imperatives required the revamp of the three other Cox sites happen on an accelerated development schedule. IfThen was able to accommodate that need by tapping into our storehouse of technical expertise and resources built by creating digital products for CNN, National Geographic, NBC Sports, Turner, and the National Basketball Association.