Untangling Digital Life

AT&T Digital Life needed some help untangling and analyzing its customer journey data. First, it needed to better pinpoint who was visiting the site, it needed to understand their users’ intent (explore or shop), and it wanted to uncover what conversion tactics were effective. The web analytics platform in place made it difficult to extract the right kind of data and report actionable insights.

Solution & Services

AT&T Digital Life came to IfThen to clean up the data, cut through the clutter, help shed light on the answers to key business questions, and provide analysis insights that could inform their decision-making process.

IfThen assumed responsibility for Digital Life’s web analytics program. Through a discovery process, we worked with Digital Life to build an analytics framework. We used the framework to develop next-day, interactive reporting using Tableau, Webtrends, and external datasets. Weekly or biweekly insights are presented, focusing on content marketing, campaign performance, and overall site activity.

The Digital Life team uses the information to provide insight into content popularity, email performance, purchase flow optimization, and campaign messaging conversions.