Three schools, one design.

Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) is the home to some of the nation’s top-ranked schools and programs in their fields. Its immersive learning programs and unparalleled industry collaborations consistently receive global acclaim, and its graduates are known for addressing critical issues and devising solutions that lead to positive change.

IfThen partnered with the CADC to transform its web presence, giving each school the opportunity to exhibit its unique voice while unifying them under the flag of the college. Leveraging our extensive experience with higher education, we delivered a flexible platform that exhibits the CADC’s curriculum, achievements, and brand to a broad audience of prospective students, partners, alumni and donors, and current students.

Our discovery process consisted of competitive assessments, analytics reviews, content audits, and more than forty stakeholder interviews. This initial diligence gave us a perspective on the college’s special qualities, its current challenges, and ways its audiences can be better served. The resulting strategic approach was clear: present the CADC’s message through a steady flow of experiential storytelling, and serve visitors through an anticipatory user experience that drives them to action.

The IfThen UX team turned complex requirements into simple solutions, designing a component-based framework that creates clear informational and communication pathways for disparate audiences. The overarching navigational structure allowed the college to spawn distinctive sub-sites for each school, each with its own navigation and content structure. This key feature empowers each school to have its own voice and presentation that best suits its audiences.

Evolving the school’s graphic design standards, and applying them in an innovative, interactive way gives each school and program the ability to freely express its distinctive personality without rigid constraints. The school’s rich visual content creates the character, rather than adornments.

Our technical team extended the WordPress CMS to bring the strategy and design to life. The CADC’s mobile-optimized, ADA-compliant content components are simple to use for editorial and marketing teams, giving them flexibility to nimbly react to messaging opportunities. Events calendars, a tour booking system, and cross-site news publishing were all customized to meet the college’s unique needs.

The new CADC web presence is exciting yet versatile and user-first in its approach, giving the college a vehicle to bring its student experiences to life and a foundational toolset to shape its digital future.

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