Global brands in perfect harmony

Coca-Cola’s GO! program changed the way one of the world’s biggest brands approaches the web. After years of coping with design and UX inconsistencies among its global websites, we partnered with Coca-Cola to conceive and create GO! as a way to manage brands at a global scale while still allowing local independence.

The concept was perfected on the flagship Coca-Cola brand, then extended to the company’s other “billion-dollar” brands including Sprite, Fanta, Powerade, and Minute Maid. Now over 450 sites in more than a dozen languages use GO!, an ultra-flexible design system which showcases content, facilitates ease of use, and speeds site production.

The responsive platform is comprised of a library of moldable components that allows each market to harness the power of its local brands, customizing what’s important while maintaining site consistency around the globe. Each component can be branded uniquely and evolve continually. Enhancements are shared by all brands, resulting in continual improvements, cost savings, and cross-brand collaboration.

The content is lifted by a neutral, modern design approach – a backdrop that empowers the brand's personality to come to the forefront and the content to shine.

Our ongoing work focuses on improvements and next-generation functionality, scaling GO! in the most efficient and cost effective manner with the strongest strategic impact.