Experiential Technologies for AT&T

If-Then created an engaging virtual reality experience for AT&T's retail stores nationwide

Virtual Reality is finally taking off after decades in development. When AT&T decided to introduce VR into their retail environment, they turned to If/Then. Our Interactive Experiences lab designed and built custom apps for Samsung GearVR and tablets that allowed retail shoppers nationwide to take a virtual cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines. Working with Oculus, If/Then helped AT&T distribute the app to 1,100 U.S. retail stores over 2 days in February 2016. This is the first in a series of If/Then-developed VR apps delivered to AT&T stores nationwide. 

A view of AT&T's booth from the 2015 CTIA Super Mobility Week trade show

"This is the best booth AT&T has ever done.”
Ralph de la Vega, President & CEO, AT&T Mobility

CTIA is very important to AT&T within the telecommunications industry. It allows them to show how they are transforming the world around us. Since 2014, CSE & If/Then have created engaging AT&T experiences for the telecom industry and press. At Super Mobility Week 2015, If/Then used projection mapping that mixed digital & physical worlds to show how AT&T is truly affecting every aspect of our lives.

A 3-D hologram of AT&T's 'Digital Life' smart home
3D Hologram for AT&T’s Flagship Store

AT&T’s flagship retail store in Chicago is full of high-technology interactive exhibits that allow customers to touch the “Connected Life” future. If/Then helps tell their smart home story with an interactive 360° hologram that demonstrates home automation use cases. The installation runs 24x7, drawing in customers and sparking conversations and conversions.