Reinventing the wall

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has been an innovator in the construction industry for decades. With two new groundbreaking product releases on the horizon, GP partnered with us to make a splash and help drive demand and leads.

The DensElement™ Barrier System product sets a new standard for water-resistant and air barrier protection as well as radically simplifying installation by eliminating a major step. We illustrated these key points by creating an experiential microsite with 3D animated vignettes, all strategically designed to function as a B2B sales tool for both self-led and agent-guided scenarios.

The award-winning site seamlessly introduces and promotes DensElement™ to key audiences while positioning GP as a top innovator in the industry.

GP’s new ToughRock® Fireguard 45™ Gypsum Board product is another marvel of building product engineering – an affordable, fire-rated drywall that can help provide more time to safely exit a home during a fire.

To help launch the product, we worked with GP to envision, design and build a highly interactive B2C microsite that leads visitors through a series of questions on fire safety. The site engages with fun, custom responses while educating on the new product and driving visitors further down the sales funnel. Visitors scroll through a series of questions with accompanying illustrations built on a grid, which when overlapped create distinctive geometric forms.