Hiscox website, Drupal 8

With online small business insurance sales projected to increase 750% in the next three years, Hiscox sought to be reliably positioned to deliver the highest standard of customer experience. Our UX, design, and development teams produced several key findings from its research to achieve this.
The Hiscox digital footprint and product offerings were spread across business units and technology platforms that included Wordpress, Backbase, and an out-dated Rhythmyx CMS platform. The challenge for our teams was to create a cohesive, streamlined, responsive digital experience through a fresh creative vision that could not only connect the consumer to the brand in a meaningful way to generate new business, but also introduce a stronger service offering to support its existing customers and sales groups.

Hsicox web screens, IfThen Drupal

Our teams designed a consolidated, modern marketing and e-commerce platform for Hiscox that is engineered for extensive re-use across their direct sales, broker, and agent offerings. The customized CMS platform on Drupal 8 integrates with external systems including an e-commerce engine and hundreds of partner consumer sites making it possible for Hiscox to launch new marketing campaigns and offers quickly. Additionally, the adaptive site design and execution eliminated the need to maintain a separate mobile version of the website.
The new site's personalization capabilities will convert even more direct business, and provide a platform to introduce new value-added resources and tools to better engage with higher ROI brokers. With its simplified navigation, streamlined design and its new back-end systems in place, the site delivers not only on the brand’s commitment to create superior products and services that meet their customers’ needs, but also smartly positions the company for significant future growth.