Positioning Hiscox for growth

Hiscox USA partnered with IfThen to strategically recreate its customer experience and deliver a voice of empowerment and trust, solidifying the company’s position as America’s leading small business insurer.

To bring the unique qualities of the brand to life – its heritage, trust, and status – the creative solution included enlisting New Yorker illustrator Elisabeth McNair to execute on our “modern heritage” creative concept. This approach underscores the 100-year-plus lead Hiscox has on some of its competition while cognitively easing the sometimes-daunting task of purchasing insurance online.

In our multi-year engagement with Hiscox, we architected a solution to consolidate and simplify dozens of sites and entry points, dovetailing into a marketing platform engineered for use across direct sales, broker, and agent offerings. We delivered a multitude of platform customizations that enabled seamless content management, e-commerce integration, an improved customer experience, and rapid deployment of new campaigns.

We followed this work with deep dive into optimizing lead generation and conversions. Our work identified key user types and created bespoke journeys for those customers who need more education on products and others who are savvy and ready to buy.

The result of our collaboration with the Hiscox team guides users through tough decisions, drives new business, and creates a true affection for the brand.