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Elevating a brand while sparking conversion

Liberator Medical Supply partnered with IfThen to rebrand, redesign, and rebuild its digital customer experience in order to increase sales of its urology, ostomy, and mastectomy products. Like many organizations, their website serves as the most crucial communication platform and sales tool for people to engage with the brand and its offerings. This was our center of gravity.

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Liberator takes a highly consultative approach to sales driven by the sensitive nature of its products — a differentiating quality that we were inspired by. Customers are encouraged to speak with specialists to help them find the best product to meet their needs.

Screenshot of Liberator website

To support this human connection, we identified opportunities to fine-tune the user experience across the website and clearly communicate the ease of starting a conversation with a Liberator expert.

During our discovery phase, we analyzed traffic patterns and user behaviors to develop a structure that treats every product page like a marketing landing page.

Screenshot of Liberator website

Concise CTAs help point customers to multiple means of purchase. Large product images and detailed descriptions enable confidence and understanding in a product. Similar products are featured in order to surface additional opportunities of potential interest.

To increase organic search performance, we seeded a series of targeted educational articles tied to common topics searched by customers.

Screenshot of Liberator website

Each article is designed to drive a visitor's engagement and curiosity deeper into the site, revealing more content and products through the journey.

The HIPPA and ADA compliant site expanded Liberator’s ability to communicate in a more visually sophisticated way to a qualified set of customers in the marketplace. Our work has built a new strategic foundation for future customer segmentation, targeting, and personalization.