Graphic disobedience

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA) has long been a critical platform for contemporary Georgia artists to exhibit, preserve and launch their works into the global artistic conversation. Our discussions with them revealed the need for an overhaul of the organization’s entire graphic identity system, one that would be completely unique and modern, and flexible for their in-house design team to easily work within.

As we spent time with the MOCA GA team, studying their collection and gallery space, we recalled an insightful Picasso quote, “Art should be dangerous.” And there was the unique angle we sought—to move the brand image of MOCA GA more to the edge, where so many of their artists and work already resided. Now we could dive in and explore that concept from multiple angles.

What emerged was a design full of suspense, a perfect concentration of the verbal and visual; a single logo using stark, bold typography with an image bar disrupting the words. Once we arrived at a solution, expanding to an expressive system came naturally.

The main vehicle was a customized typeface, engineered for a perfect balance of legibility and art. The typeface was the perfect baton to pass to MOCA GA staff to aid them in utilizing the new brand system to propel the museum's image forward.

The new brand lent itself perfectly to interactivity and motion. We designed and built an easy-to-maintain website that showcases the museum, its collection and archives, and particularly the artists. It's highly usable and visually engaging and exciting—just like the great art it represents.

Play with the website.