Updating a legacy

National Geographic has been documenting the ever-changing state of our world for more than 125 years. Longevity like that does not happen without a willingness to adapt to the times. At National Geographic that means embracing tech innovation as means of creating richer, deeper and more dynamic storytelling across platforms and mediums.

As its approach to storytelling evolved, National Geographic needed its content management systems to evolve, too. The publisher needed its systems to do three things: be more responsive, be better integrated and be more streamlined. That is where IfThen and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) stepped in.

IfThen helped National Geographic launch a custom, AEM­–based content-management system that today acts as the central asset hub for all the publisher’s properties. Content is re-usable across digital channels and cataloged across segments for easy search and discovery.

National Geographic publishes dozens of stories every day. Add a layer of digital advertising inventory management, and you have a complex workflow requiring flexibility and automation at the same time. Thanks to its willingness to embrace innovation, National Geographic now has a content-management system ready for wherever technology takes storytelling next.