Recruiting future fans

Since 2010, IfThen has helped the NBA create and grow a multi-platform, HD, all-access destination for young fans where they can engage the sport, league, teams, and players on their terms.

NBA Hoop Troop is the official kids marketing platform for the NBA. Its daily kid-friendly league website offers branded games, video highlights, stats, scores, players and teams, and even more. The website and its apps are an evolution of the NBA Kids effort, which began targeting the youth market in 2000. Since 2010, IfThen has been working with Cartoon Network and the NBA to design, build, operate, and grow this important platform. For, IfThen provides digital strategy, web design, and development of the site, games and mobile apps.

For the Love of the Game

Games are the most popular content on Working with the NBA's strategic partner Cartoon Network, IfThen conceived, designed, and developed a number of web games for the site and its mobile apps. They include exciting arcade basketball games, engaging character-based adventure games, challenging puzzle games and more.

A Full Deck

Games, HD video highlights, live scores & stats, WNBA, and official merchandise. There's something for everyone.

Find Your New Favorite Players

With its 2014 relaunch, the new responsively-designed website gives kids aged 6-14 all the information they could want on the many NBA players and teams. They can learn about and favorite any player in the league, and even get a customized collection of HD videos and photos tailored to their tastes.

Get to know your (super)heroes

For a kid, The NBA is home to real superheroes, demonstrating amazing abilities both on and off the court. This is a place where Lebron soars skyward, Kobe twists like a tornado, Nash dashes past, Popovich hatches plans and EJ keeps us all thinking about scores, stats and player history along the way. It's a game that has both power and skill. With NBA Hoop Troop, kids get the chance to share their love of the game with the NBA's greatest superheroes, with a little help from our friends on the Hoop Troop Team.