Digital migration for action sports needed an easier way to manage its content. It turned to IfThen to migrate its web site from a custom, in-house CMS to Drupal. IfThen migrated NBC Sports’ existing website onto a Drupal CMS on an accelerated schedule. Every page, photo, and article on its current site had to be re-created in this system without changing how the site looks and feels.

In just ten short weeks, IfThen completed the build and content migration. From a consumer’s point of view the site looks the same. Content producers and editors, however, can now make changes and publish new items much more easily.

NBC Sports needed a technology upgrade for its action sports network website at IfThen employed its deep digital media expertise to implement a Drupal CMS solution for Alli Sports. Its new CMS allows for more and faster content updates, and puts it on the path to future improvements.