The story page is the new home

The University of Chicago partnered with IfThen to redefine and build its UChicago News digital experience. We created a design system that engages users, encouraging them to delve deeper into story content. This nurtures a sense of exploration of relevant topics, serving to increase time on site.

Research revealed that a majority of site visitors entered the site at the story page level with only 5% of users arriving at a story through the homepage. In essence this makes the story page the “new homepage”. As a result, our strategy to increase engagement centered on adding a homepage article module at the bottom of each story page and increasing relevant content in the right rail.

While adhering to the university visual identity system, our design created a modern tone for the site through the use of large-scale imagery and succinct headlines. Additionally, the integrity of the design maintains a superb user experience no matter the device a visitor is using.