From static to stories

More and more of our B2B clients are rethinking their digital presence to improve customer experience, acquire better leads, improve retention, and ultimately drive sales growth. The static “inside out” approach of leading a conversation with products and services is being reimagined as a dynamic story-based “outside in” strategy that examines the needs of the customer first, then transforms the company’s marketing, site design and content strategy to set up the right value exchange to meet those needs.

This kind of transformation requires that your website become part of a holistic experience ecosystem. To achieve this, we start with a strategy that focuses on outcomes such as the design of the site, but ultimately reshapes the design of your organization.

Dematic came to IfThen to help them make this transition – to not only re-tool an aging and static website infrastructure, but also help shift to a global client-centric design and storytelling platform that delivers on their clients’ needs and goals. Our collaborative design process centered on putting Dematic's expertise and thought leadership to work to solve for human problems first. We set out to uncover what their clients and prospects needed to achieve - wherever they were on their buying journey - to deliver what they expect, and remove any obstacles to achieving their individual goals.


“IfThen has been rocking it since the beginning and you push us and give us your real thoughts, not just what we want to hear. That is the exact reason I was looking for a partner and not an agency. I am extremely happy with how everything is developing and my initial fears of just noisemakers doing their noisemaker thing to derail this project are gone.”

Malika Givens, Sr Digital Marketing Manager, Dematic


Strategy and Design
Transformation Strategy
User Experience Design
Custom Storytelling Framework
Site and SEO Architecture/Strategy Framework
Content Strategy
Graphic Design

Operating Model
Team Training: Content
Strategy, SEO-Friendly Content Architecture, and Storytelling
Capabilities: Publishing
workflow, Content Modeling

Site Build
Headless CMS Architecture
AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) Implementation
DevOps Tools and Services
DAM Custom Integrations, Metadata Management and Asset Optimization
Custom Site Search
Localization and Translation Workflows and Service Integration
Publishing Workflows
Marketo Integration
Custom Interactions

Our Approach

1. Focus on the client
The client experience and site was designed to meet a diverse set of personas and journey stages. Critically, these were aligned with sales enablement tools and processes to create a seamless experience transition from “I’m not sure what I need”, to “I’m just browsing”, to first contact with a Dematic expert.

2. Establish connective tissue
The site architecture, including page types and linking, were developed to support both a robust storytelling model and current SEO best practices including topic pages and cross-linking strategies.

3. Be smart. Be global. Be human.
Give life to Dematic’s wealth of knowledge and industry-leading innovations around the world. Embrace a storytelling approach that is practical, meaningful, and human. Build the site authoring experience to allow freedom of expression and support a global publishing model.

4. Build a reliable and extensible architecture.
The Dematic site is based on a headless architecture that leverages Adobe’s AEM as a Cloud Service.


Strategic Brief including data-driven market, needs and competitive analysis

Visual Design and Style Guide

Content Strategy

SEO Strategy

Team Training on Storytelling and Content Models

AEMaaCS Implementation and Support

About Dematic

Atlanta, GA

Supply chain management
Logistics solutions
Warehouse automation systems

Member of the KION Group

Research and development, engineering centers, manufacturing facilities, and service centers located in more than 35 countries

Approximately 8,000 worldwide customer installations for some of the world’s leading brands

More than 200 years of success in solving supply chain challenges

Number of Employees
11,000+ globally